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Indonesia on crossroad of Democracy.

Indonesia is now in a very important crossroad, we have walked in the wilderness for several years, passing the den of fundamentalist thieves, and now in November 2009, passed a crossroad, of becoming another successful democratic country, or set back into the familiar feudal warlords controlled society.

On November 23, the president (known as SBY) will announce his decision on the landmark trial case of Bit-Chan — two innocent KPK leaders (Bibit Samad and Chandra Hamzah –> Bit-Chan) who were accused of extortion of corrupt businessmen of Masaro corp — the case was built from lies and slanders created by current head of Police (kapolri) and head of GA (jaksa agung) — both appointed officers of the presidency.

If SBY decides to pull out his two officers, and either cancelled the case, or put it forward to the judge under different set of attorney general, then we will see the progress toward democracy.

If SBY decides to go on with current farce, and pay lip service to it — for fear of alienating his trusted aides (of past deeds) — then we will see the beginning of a snow-ball that will engulf the country in corruption, anti democratic practices.

The stakes are high, at this moment, thousands of poor urban people are being paid Rp 25,000,- (us$ 3.00) per day to shout in the street in support of the corrupt police regime.   Meanwhile 1.3 million facebookers consist of mainly Indonesian middle-classes (those with internet access) are supporting Bit-Chan case

SBY has recently won his 2nd presidency, and has avowed changes (obama like).  He had announced no 1 in his 100-days program is “Ganyang Mafia” or Demolish the Mafia (in courts and law enforcements).

This will be a long weekend for SBY.

No pity.  A man has to live out his words, even if it will cost him dearly …..

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